The Mortal Kombat Web Browser
Created by MK on the NET
Now You Can Convert Your Normal Browser Logo to

The MK Web Browser works for Netscape Navigator 3.0 - 4.0+, and Internet Explorer 3.0 - 5.0+.

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Follow These Simple Steps to Install the Mortal Kombat Web Browser

1 Download the File into a Temporary directory.

2 Unzip the files into the directory where your web browser (.exe) file is located.

3 (For Internet Explorer users only) Download a program such as Internet Explorer Personalizer to change the logo after you've downloaded the images.

3 (For Netscape 4.* Only, Users with NS3 or IE3 go to step 4) Enter the following code to your "prefs.js" file located in your "Netscape\Users\your_login_name\" directory. This code must be copied exactly as it is, to the end of the "prefs.js" file:

config("toolbar.logo.win_small_file", "30m.bmp");
config("toolbar.logo.win_large_file", "48m.bmp");
config("toolbar.logo.frames", 19)
config("toolbar.logo.url", "");

4 After the files are in your browser directory you can reload your regular web browser and it will become the Exclusive Mortal Kombat Web Browser.

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